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Note from the owner of Survival Information...I'm guessing that if someone is breaking into your home
you're not the type of person that has to wait for a cop to deal with the situation. That being the case,
are you the type of person who has to wait on FEMA to take care of your emergency situation? Hmmn?


Survival Information in your lifetime, in the United States of America, there has been one disaster above all others. When it occurred, society broke down into those that would live and those that would die. It was a survival information situation. Thousands of people, dependent for generations on government for their daily sustenance were wholly unprepared for what awaited them... Government did not come.

You saw it live and in color on television... Do not let it happen to you! DO NOT depend on the government or the magic fairy. You be the survivor. You be the one prepared for survival! Depend on YOURSELF!

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Survival information articles have started to flower all over the place since the advent of the History Channel's very illustrative series of 2012 disaster epics. For the most part, the articles are written as a placeholder for links back to other websites, an sites not necessarily about survival. It's called "article marketing," and there is nothing wrong with that. I do it myself all the time.

However, some articles are also written to sell survival products. At the risk of poisoning the well at the start, this website is written specifically to sell survival products, and it's presented at a time when survival is on the front burner of more people than ever before.

What this website is not is, and let me quote, " Most of us are aware that 2012 is the year when a lot of cosmic events will happen bringing forth one disaster after the other to our planet. There will be open fire on meteor showers, planet X will collide with earth, the planetary configurations will cause a solar flare, a polar shift causing massive quakes and tsunamis, and many others. The thing that will come next is a series of disasters...."

Thank God that only at the end of the meteor shower and Planet X colliding with the earth, then and only then will come a new series of disasters. If gasoline still works, that should give us time to get to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread!

Actually most of us are not aware that 2012 is the year when all hell is going to break loose, at least from stray meteors, vengeful Mayans, or stoned videographers presenting loopy "end of the world" propaganda.

However, 2008-2016 may be the years that all hell does break loose from man made political factors, not to mention stray natural processes like hurricanes and earthquakes, snow, rain, and volcanoes. By the way, how did that NJ hurricane thing work out? Could have been a lot better with a month or two of grub.

Unlike many article writers out there whose only experience with survival is a power outage at Pizza Doodle, I have been teaching survival skills as a volunteer hunting safety instructor since 1984 or so. Of the many topics I teach mostly to young people, survival has always been one of my favorites.

Under normal circumstances, you're either going to live, or you are going to die in a severe survival situation no matter what you do. There are too many factors to contemplate. You could get bopped on the head by a searing meteorite or get your head bitten off by a hungry bear. Not much much you can do for that.

However, most survival situations are anything but normal and mundane. That being the case, you may be shown two doors. Door number one you survive. Door number two, you improve the soil structure. In a case like this, knowing which door to choose may just save your life, and it is to this end that this website is presented...That, and giving you an excellent source of survival supplies, survival equipment, survival tools, survival foods, survival skills, survival kits, and even survival books that you can use to hone your skills and supplies before you need them.

When you need survival smarts, food, or tools, you need them right then. A man can die in sight of a Walmart, under the proper conditions. Something to think about.

Presented here on is a series of ten articles which should be considered as an introduction to survival. Click on what interests you, or all. Actually, you should at least scan all of them. They aren't long, and in each you'll find some chewy nuggets of great survival information. If you're really perceptive you'll discover that the list below is also listed at the top of each page, and those links are clickable as well.

It is a fact that something as simple as a bottle of water may one day save your life. Don't letGlenn Beck Food Insurance Special the inconvenience of getting prepared deprive you of all that you ever were or ever hope to be. At the end, don't think, "I should have paid more attention to breathing." Don't let it be you. Don't feed Darwin. Old whisker face is fat enough. Be the survivor. Survival! Survival Information!


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